Brenda was born in 1998 in Colombia and now residing in Western Australia. She was inspired by her mother to create art; she allowed her to explore her creativity from a very young age. 

Brenda's creative practice started in 2018 when she began exploring the realm of digital art as a fresh approach to expressing her creativity. Her initial illustrations were crafted on a small phone using her fingers. In 2019, her father gifted her a graphic tablet to enhance her work. Later, as a graduation gift in 2020, her mother gave her an iPad with a digital pencil, which she continues to use. These digital tools held significant value in her professional practice, enabling her to challenge herself and grow as an artist. Through continuous learning, Brenda has become proficient in digital software's such as Procreate and photoshop, as well as to incorporate analog media such as graphite pencils, watercolor, pastel pencil in the application of her artworks.  In july 2023, Brenda entered to the web3 space, venturing into the world of NFTs. Currently, she is working towards a full-time creattive practice, by exploring different techniques and mediums to develop her unique artistic voice.